I want to make some contribute to spicamanila.find-forum.net

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I want to make some contribute to spicamanila.find-forum.net

Post  WepClept on Wed Aug 03, 2011 1:10 pm

Hello. Ahh, ok my bad, I read it wrong...I read on the imgburn site that it said it picks up where Decrypt leaves off, blah blah, so I figured it was a one in all.I'll give that a shot on my desktop after using Decrypt to make an ISO of it without the menu/features and whatnot as desired. I'll do that while I wait for the Taiyo discs to show up.Again, thanks for the help, I really hope I can figure out what's going on with my desktop because using an external on my laptop is a pain. I think it didn't work on the desktop because my desktop is older and the USB isn't 2.0, but on my laptop the USB is 2.0 so it's faster...maybe the desktop couldn't support it or whatever...who knows...One thing is for sure...computers are voodoo witchcraft.


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